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Here you will find all the house rules proposed, tested, implemented, discarded, considered, used, or otherwise employed by the Endless Bard and his gaming group. This is also the place where formal discussion can take place. It might not, but we can always hope.

Why "the Mishmash?" It's a pun. In Judaism, the "mishnah" is a body of work representing the collected oral traditions and practices not contained in the Torah. Basically the "house rules" of Judaism, if I may be so irreverent. Like the Mishnah, the Mishmash will be organized according to the same headings as the _Player's Handbook._ Like the Mishnah, the Mishmash will be the result of our discussions on the rules, both with what works and what doesn't. It's a pun, but it's also intended as an homage.

Each entry in the Mishmash will (ideally) reference the rule and page number that it is superseding, as well as which campaigns it is in use for. A discussion of why the rules change is made will also ideally be included, but that's going to depend on time and attention span. If a house rule applies to something that appears in supplemental material, then the rule will appear in the logical section with a note as to its source.

Enjoy your reading!

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