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This page contains errata and revisions for existing spells. Since I play MMOs I shall refer to these changes as the "patch notes." Some spells contain revisions too severe to discuss in a sentence or two, and as such are presented separately. New spells are also presented separately.

Patch notes for all standard gamesEdit

  • Fly is now fifth-level
  • Dimension door is now sixth-level
  • Teleport is now seventh-level
  • Teleport without error/greater teleport is removed
  • Shapeshifting spells completely redesigned. Affects alter self, polymorph, polymorph any object, shapechange.
  • Draconic Polymorph is removed
  • Shivering Touch imposes a penalty to DEX for the duration of the spell rather than DEX damage, and can therefore not drop a creature's DEX lower than 1.
  • 0-level spells that permanently create anything (such as create water) are now 1st-level.
  • A caster may have only one light spell active at a time. Casting a second light spell will cause the first one to expire.
  • The spells cure minor wounds and repair minor damage are removed.
  • A caster attempting to use dispel magic on his own explosive runes spell automatically succeeds.
  • A caster may not deliberately fail to dispel a particular spell with dispel magic or related spells or effects.
  • The spells wish and limited wish are removed from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list and the Envy domain list. Wish effects are possible only through the indulgence of powerful creatures such as royal genies, or minor artifacts such as the deck of many things.
  • The spell miracle is removed from the Cleric spell list. Miracles are possible only through special dispensation from the Cleric's deity.
  • New spells that duplicate some of the specific effects of wish and miracle will be introduced at a future date.
  • The spell astral projection automatically ends if you enter the same plane that contains your body.
  • The spell magic jar does not render the caster dead, merely "lifeless;" this differs from dead in that the body is not a corpse and does not decay, and is also not subject to being turned into an undead creature.
  • The bonus to Disguise provided by the disguise self spell affects only the caster attempting to disguise himself; in addition, the bonus only lasts for the duration of the spell and fades when the duration expires. This means that the caster's Disguise check result decreases when the spell expires.
  • Spells of the [Healing] subschool are moved from Conjuration to Evocation.

Patch notes for E7 gamesEdit

  • All of the standard spell changes apply to spells in E7 games, except as noted below.