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Favored Enemies and Knowledge SkillsEdit

As each favored enemy has its own associated Knowledge skill, rangers gain the appropriate Knowledge skill as a class skill when taking a particular favored enemy. These knowledges are summarized in the table below.

Favored Enemy Knowledge Skill


Animal Nature
Construct Arcana
Dragon Arcana
Elemental The Planes
Fey Nature
Giant Nature
Humanoid (any) Local
Magical Beast Arcana
Monstrous Humanoid Nature
Ooze Dungeoneering
Outsider (any) The Planes
Plant Nature
Undead Religion
Vermin Nature
Organization (government) Nobility and Royalty
Organization (religious) Religion
Organization (underworld) Local
Arcanists Arcana

The associated Knowledge skill is from then on considered a class skill for that ranger. This change is not retroactive; i.e. any skill points already invested in the appropriate Knowledge skill due to cross-class learning (for example) are not refunded.