On this page, you will find all rulings related to prestige classes in general. Edits of, changes to, and rulings on specific prestige classes will appear in a dedicated page for that class.

Prestige Classes and XPEdit

Prestige classes are not factored in when determining XP penalties due to multiclassing.

Prestige Classes and Caster LevelEdit

Certain prestige classes, such as Sublime Chord, determine caster level by adding the character's class levels to levels the character has in another arcane spellcasting class. There are abuses possible using this process that allow a character's caster level to exceed his character level or hit dice.

The ruling, therefore, is that a character's caster level may not exceed his hit dice through these sorts of obscure combinatorics. Only if the character receives an explicit bonus to caster level (such as through the Archmage's "Spell Power" class feature) may his caster level exceed his hit dice.

Prestige Classes and PrerequisitesEdit

If a character should meet the prerequisites of a prestige class through some temporary means (such as a ring of evasion), he may enter that class normally. However, should he ever lose access to the prerequisite (such as by removing the ring), he immediately loses access to all class features provided by that prestige class. This includes all special abilities and any spellcasting progression. Further, he does not regain access to those class features until he has earned enough XP to take another level in the class.

Example: A bard with a ring of evasion takes a level of Fochlucan Lyrist. Halfway through an adventure, he removes the ring. He immediately loses all benefit granted by the Fochlucan Lyrist's class features, even if he later puts the ring back on. He only gets the class features back when he gains another level of Fochlucan Lyrist.

A character who loses access to a prestige class's class features is still bound by any restrictions given by the class. For example, a paladin-like prestige class would still require the character to remain lawful good, even if the character had lost the benefits of that class for some other reason.

A character who does not meet the prerequisites for entry into a prestige class may not continue advancing in that prestige class.