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The "Mook"Edit

Sometimes players just like to mow through masses of faceless enemies. This gets harder to do as the players go up in level, as level-appropriate monsters' hit points tend to scale faster than the damage players can do. Therefore, we introduce the Mook.


"Mook" is a template that can be applied to any NPC with one hit die or more, referred to as the "base creature." Creatures with only partial hit dice cannot be mooks.

Mooks use the same stats as the base creature, with the following exceptions:

  • Mooks have only one hit point, regardless of Hit Dice or Constitution score.
  • Mooks get only one attack per round, regardless of how many attacks they would normally get.
  • Mooks have Evasion -- whenever an effect allows a Reflex save for partial damage, the Mook instead takes no damage on a successful save. The Mook must not be flat-footed, or otherwise denied his DEX bonus to AC, for this ability to trigger.
  • Mooks automatically fail Fortitude and Will saves.
  • A character who drops a Mook in melee may immediately make a second attack at another Mook that he threatens. This attack is at a -5. If the character drops that Mook as well, he may make a third attack at another Mook that he threatens at a -10, and so forth, until he misses or all of the Mooks he threatens are dropped.
  • A character who drops a Mook with a ranged attack may immediately roll a second attack at another Mook in line with the first one (Narrator determines "in line"). This may continue as with the melee attacks.
  • Mooks lose all spell-like abilities and spellcasting abilities.
  • Mooks have no CR individually; instead, four to six Mooks are equivalent to a single non-Mook creature of the same CR.
  • Mooks invariably break their weapons and armor to the point of uselessness upon their deaths. Thus, Mooks carry no loot. The Narrator is encouraged to increase the loot of the "boss" creature to compensate.

Variant: Constant DamageEdit

Narrators who are not prone to fudging dice rolls may feel free to have mooks deal constant damage in order to cut down on die rolling; however, this is an optional rule for this optional variant. A suggested value for this constant damage is the average damage for the attack in question.