Monks in E20Edit

In standard games, monks have the following changes:

  • See changes to Improved Unarmed Strike and Stunning Fist.
  • A monk gains an additional point of ki per monk level, in addition to any provided by Stunning Fist.
  • All references to "Stunning Fist attempts" in feats, abilities, or other class features, are replaced by "ki uses."

Flurry of BlowsEdit

When the monk is wielding a weapon, this ability is unchanged.

When using his slam attack as a primary attack, a monk gets an additional slam attack at first level. At eighth level, he gets another, and at fifteenth, he gets a fourth. These slam attacks are all at the monk's highest base attack bonus.

Flurry of Blows does not apply to natural attacks.

Unarmed StrikeEdit

As noted in the updated Improved Unarmed Strike feat, a creature who takes Improved Unarmed Strike gains a slam attack. This attack is a natural attack, and as such is not subject to iterative attacks. A character wielding a weapon may make the slam attack as a secondary attack, taking the usual -5 penalty to hit and applying only half his strength score.

A character does not have to use his hands to make this slam attack -- it can come from any part of his body. A monk with his hands full can still make his slam attack as a primary attack, so long as he is not also attacking with a weapon.

Unarmed DamageEdit

A monk does damage with his primary natural weapons as though he were a creature one size category larger. This effect does not stack with the Powerful Build racial feature, but does stack with all magical effects and feats that improve natural weapons.

At 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th levels, the monk gains an additional effective increase to the size of his natural weapons.

This effect only applies to the monk's primary natural weapons. If he is using a natural weapon as a secondary attack, he deals the standard damage for a creature of his size. For instance, if a human monk were using a kama as his primary weapon, his slam attacks would be considered secondary and he would deal 1d4 + 1/2 STR with them.

Monks in E7Edit


Racial Substitution LevelsEdit


Level 1: A thri-kreen monk may take Multiattack in lieu of Improved Unarmed Strike. Thri-kreen monks who choose this option gain their first effective size increase at 4th level instead of 1st.