Rule: Lycanthrope Regeneration

Replaces: Lycanthrope DR

Used In: Red Star Chronicles

Synopsis: Lycanthropes have regeneration that can only be overcome by silver rather than DR x/silver.

Lycanthrope RegenerationEdit

One of the defining themes of lycanthropes is their vulnerability to silver. The 3.5 ruleset represents this as DR x/silver in almost every case. However, it is our view that the overall "theme" of a lycanthrope's supernatural resilience is better represented by regeneration that is overcome through silver. Thus, all lycanthropes have their DR replaced by regeneration equal to the amount of DR; thus, a wererat with DR 5/silver instead gains regeneration 5.

Lycanthropes take lethal damage from silver, fire, and certain herbal or alchemical substances that are toxic to their particular subtype. Werewolves, for example, take lethal damage from a preparation of wolfsbane.