Knowledge (linguistics)Edit

In Use In: Red Star Chronicles

Synopsis: Replaces Speak Language and Read/Write Language, and allows for greater detail regarding roleplaying applications of languages.

This knowledge skill is used to read, write and speak languages. For each point of this skill, the character may speak or read and write a particular language. In addition, the character’s general knowledge of linguistics allows him to attempt to make intelligibility checks when encountering speakers of a similar language. Making this check is a minor action; it allows one simple sentence to be communicated. Retries are possible; attempting Negotiation, Bluff, Sense Motive or Intimidation in this way suffers a penalty based on successes and failures. It is possible to take 10 on this action but not 20.

DC Degree of closeness
5 Neighboring tribes; members of the same monstrous race
10 More distant tribes
15 Very different tribes sharing a root language; different race
20 Very different monstrous race

Note: Unless the character has the Illiteracy class feature or flaw, he is able to speak, read, and write all of his starting bonus languages. Only languages taken through this skill are subject to only being one or the other.

A character with the Illiteracy feature may still choose to learn to read and write a language through putting ranks into this skill. He may choose to learn to read and write one of his automatic or bonus languages through putting ranks into this skill.

A character in an E7 game who has put maximum ranks into this skill may continue investing skill points in order to learn new languages; however, his ranks in the skill do not actually increase.