Rule: Common efreets and djinns cannot grant wishes.

Replaces: Efreet and noble djinn in Monster Manual.

In Use In: Red Star Chronicles

Synopsis: Due to the ridiculous power of planar binding, the ability of efreets and noble djinns to grant wishes is removed.

Efreets, Noble Djinns and Genie RoyaltyEdit

There is a well-known "trick" for gaining infinite wishes. This rule change closes that loophole without removing the possibility completely.

The efreeti and noble djinni described in the SRD and Monster Manual no longer have the power to grant wishes.

An efreeti or djinn that has 21 or more Hit Dice becomes a "royal" genie, and gains the power to grant wishes as described under the efreeti entry. Note that these creatures are too powerful to be bound by planar binding spells; they must be gated in. As gate is a 9th-level spell and cannot be duplicated by wish, infinite wishes are no longer possible.