Rule: Fractional Base Attack Bonus and Base Saves

Replaces: Multiclass Base Attack Bonus and Save progression

Used In: Red Star Chronicles

Synopsis: Base attack bonus and saving throws improve fractionally instead of using whole numbers, allowing for a more sensible multiclass experience.

Fractional Base Attack Bonus and Base SavesEdit

This rule was originally presented in Unearthed Arcana, so this is a simple recap. Instead of BAB and saves being whole numbers, they are now treated as fractional. When multiclassing, add the various fractional bonuses as presented. As with all situations in which rounding is involved, all fractions are to be rounded down.

IMPORTANT: If you are taking the first level of a class that has a "good" save, and you are not taking your first character level or Hit Die, subtract 2 from that class's save bonus.

Example: A 2nd-level Bard wants to take a level of Barbarian.  A Barbarian 
has a "good" Fortitude save, so instead of adding 2.5 to his base save 
(the value presented for a 1st-level Barbarian), the bard adds 0.5 to his base
Fortitude save.

The benefit to this is that multiclassing will no longer do as much damage to a character's base attack bonus. In addition, "save-stacking" is eliminated. Characters who single-class will see no change in their saves or attack bonus, while characters who multiclass should see an improvement in their base attack and a balancing nerf to their saves.