Acrobatics Escape Artist Perform
Alchemy Forgery Profession*
Appraise Gather Information Ride
Astrogation** Handle Animal Ritecraft
Athletics Heal Search
Autohypnosis Herbalism Sense Motive
Bluff Intimidate Sleight of Hand
Concentration Knowledge* Stealth
Craft* Negotiation Survival
Decipher Script Open Lock Swim
Disable Device Perception Use Magic Device
Disguise Use Rope

An asterisk denotes a skill that has multiple sub-skills.

The double asterisk for Astrogation refers to the fact that it is called Navigation for sea-based games. Knowledges: Arcana, Architecture and Engineering, Astronomy, Dungeoneering, Geography, History, Linguistics, Local, Nature, Nobility and Royalty, Psionics, Religion, Ships, The Planes