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Page contains rules for E7 Binder, as well as rulings on vestiges and changes to the base class.


A binder has access to any vestige featured in the Tome of Magic. Vestiges from expanded material are available to binders only if they research those vestiges specifically. The binder must have access to a large library containing books pertaining to history, arcane magic, religion and the planes.

In order to research a new vestige, the binder must spend eight hours a day for one week performing research. The binder must also spend gold equal to 50 x the level of the vestige he is attempting to research. At the end of the week, the binder makes a Knowledge (the planes) check, modified by the quality of the library. The DC of the check is 20 + the minimum level at which the binder could bind the vestige.

A character with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion) or Knowledge (history) gains a +2 synergy bonus to these research checks.

If the binder succeeds, he learns the vestige's seal and basic lore and is able to bind the vestige as normal. If the binder fails, the money spent is gone, and he may not attempt to research that vestige again until he has gained another rank in Knowledge (the planes) or has access to a larger library.