Ability Checks versus SavesEdit

There are several instances within the game where Constitution or Dexterity checks are called for to determine whether a character is tough or quick enough to avoid an unpleasant outcome. It's unclear why these rules were introduced, as a mechanism already exists to evaluate a character's resistance (i.e. saving throws).

It is this DM's estimation that it simply makes more sense to make use of the character's saving throws whenever possible. Thus, in most situations where a Constitution check would be called for, a Fortitude save will be made instead. In most situations where a Dexterity check would be called for, a Reflex save will be made instead. Situations where these changes are made include, but are not limited to:

  • Checks made to resist fatigue from a forced march.

Situations calling for Wisdom checks do not come up ... ever, therefore no change there is warranted. Charisma checks remain unchanged.