Rule: Unlimited 0-level spells

Replaces: Limited 0-level spells

Used In: Red Star Chronicles

Synopsis: Characters know a limited amount of 0-level spells, but may use them at will.

Unlimited 0-level SpellsEdit

This rule is taken from Pathfinder.

If a character prepares his spells (e.g. Wizard or Cleric), the number of 0-level spells given on his character table is the number he can have prepared at any given time. Casting these spells does not expend them; he may cast them over and over. He may select new 0-level spells when preparing spells for the day.

If a character is a spontaneous caster, he still knows the number of 0-level spells given on his Spells Known table. No 0-level spells are noted on his progression table because he may cast the 0-level spells he knows an unlimited number of times per day.


The light spell is limited to one active spell per caster. Casting a second light spell causes the first to end.

The spell cure minor wounds is amended as follows: it can only be cast on creatures with 0 or fewer HP. The spell repair minor damage is changed similarly.